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Importance to Ohio

The outdoor advertising industry is important to local and state economic vitality. Outdoor advertising is an $80 million industry in Ohio. It creates jobs, employs Ohioans, and helps businesses succeed. By generating revenue, creating jobs, supporting large and small Ohio businesses, informing consumers and educating citizens, the outdoor advertising industry is the critical link between citizens, businesses, and government across the state.

Driving Revenue

The outdoor advertising industry is important to Ohio – its economy, businesses, consumers, travelers, landowners, and charities. Each year the industry pumps tens of millions of dollars into the Ohio economy, employs hundreds of people, helps generate sales and drive revenues for thousands of Ohio businesses, both large and small.

Helping Small Businesses

With unrivaled reach, outdoor advertising provides cost-effective advertising solutions and helps small businesses reach their customers. Each day, the outdoor advertising industry helps thousands of travelers on Ohio’s roads and highways safely reach their destinations, secure lodging, and locate are restaurants, attractions, and amusements.

Public Service

With its technological advancements, outdoor advertising provides quick, nimble and responsive communications solutions. Cutting edge technology allows public safety and homeland security messages to reach Ohioans quickly. And, with its commitment to public service, outdoor advertising helps non-profit organizations and charities fulfill their missions.

Critical to Small Businesses

In essence, outdoor advertising is designed to help businesses succeed. Outdoor advertising helps attract customers and promote products. While outdoor advertising is a part of the success of many businesses and industries, some industries are highly dependent on it.

Alerting Customers

Simply put, the travel and tourism industry and small businesses need outdoor advertising to survive. These businesses would suffer major revenue losses without billboards alerting customers to their location and services.

It is often said that small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Small businesses depend on outdoor advertising to direct customers to business locations and to drive sales. One recent study found that an overwhelming majority of businesses would lose revenue without billboards helping them communicate with their customers.

The travel and tourism industry is another cornerstone of both the state and national economies. In most states, travel-tourism ranks first, second or third as the largest employer and Ohio is no exception.

Effective Advertising

In industry terms, outdoor advertising is known for its “reach.” Outdoor advertising reaches everyone regardless of income, race, or gender. Not only does outdoor advertising have the ability to reach all of Ohio’s citizens, these advertising vehicles are a vital source of information.

With its excellent reach and comparably low cost, outdoor advertising is entering a new generation of effectiveness. Advancements in technology and new ideas are constantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of outdoor advertising. Billboards have become a quick, responsive and nimble medium.

Possibly the most exciting technological advancement for the industry is the use of digital technology. The application of this cutting edge technology is limitless. Its uses range from public safety and homeland security to customer interaction. The industry’s digital technology directly benefits government and society as a whole with its ability to provide real-time information on critical issues and events.

From roadside signs at the dawn of the automobile age to the promise of high-tech digital messages, the outdoor industry has remained at the forefront of innovation over the past two centuries.