Safety Standards

Ohio’s outdoor advertisers are regulated by the Ohio Department of Transportation – Advertising Device Control Section, as well as under certain circumstances, local municipal zoning codes and ordinances. ODOT ADC Section is charged with monitoring and controlling the size, lighting and spacing of outdoor displays, and was created in response to federal initiatives intended to improve and preserve the attractiveness of the nation’s major highways. Outdoor advertising is governed by Ohio Revised Code Section 5516, which covers items such as permitting, sign location and conformance, vegetation maintenance, landowner identification and acknowledgement, scenic segmentation, and sign maintenance. Permit fees ranging from $225.00 to $625.00 is paid for each permitted sign.

Safety concerns are addressed in the Revised Code by enforcement of requirements relative to sign location with respect to highway right-of-way, interchanges, and municipal boundaries; requirements relative to the frequency of changeable message displays and digital displays; lighting; and spacing requirements between displays.

Additionally, all members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Ohio adhere to the digital lumen output requirements adopted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. These standard limit the output of digital displays based on such factors as time of day, weather conditions, and available light.